A phone that made people go Boom! Literally.

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We’ve all seen quite a few imperfections in smartphones that came out in the recent past. Be it the ‘bendable’ iPhone 6 plus, or the explosive Galaxy Note 7. In the case of bending phones, one can understand that there might be some fault in the industrial design and get over it. In the second case…getting over an explosion isn’t that easy. What makes a phone go boom in the middle of the night? Is it overcharging? Is it overheating? An imperfection with no reason?

A phone exploding could seem like a freak accident, but the same chemicals that make a battery work could also beyu7 the reason for the explosion. Samsung managed to make huge waves in the market with the Galaxy Note7. The issue was so serious, that Amazon had started giving full refunds for the phone and accessories without asking their customers for a return. Airlines had banned passengers from carrying the phone on board. There’s been a bit of an arms race where every manufacturer of a smartphone wants to get the highest battery life.

There are quite a few myths that are related to phones and their batteries. People advise not to use a phone when it’s charging. Charge the phone only when it’s all out of juice. Never charge your phone overnight. The fact is they’re not always true. You can surely use your phone while it is charging, provided you’re not using a rip off charger. It is better to charge your phone now and then, than revving up the juice at once. Also, smartphones have become really smart. Most of the phones today stop taking in charge once the battery is full, they’re designed that way. This prevents the battery from spoiling. There’s only one thing that boils the blood of a good phone and its battery. Heat. Heat messes up the battery of a phone real good and makes it behave in many peculiar ways, one of it is the infamous exploding.

Lithium-ion batteries rarely bulge or explode. A break in the thin compacted battery material between cells can produce an internal short circuit, leading to swelling and potential explosions. With the Galaxy Note 7, Samsung and various reports suggest that the issue is caused when the device is exposed to its enemy – heat. Samsung had made it clear that only the unstable battery was at fault and was the cause of explosions. The processors in todays smartphones are producing more heat than the handsets from 3 or 4 generations ago.

Without knowing exactly what caused issues with the Galaxy Note 7, we can’t say how to avoid potential problems. It’s better not getting into a dicey situation and being mindful of our phones, keeping the charging habits healthy. Have the battery checked even for a minor bulge or a swelling. Help protect yourself and your phone from a catastrophe. Boom n out!

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