Mobile games- Larger than you think!

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There used to be a time when local gaming arcades would hold competitions on games like Street fighter, Tekken, and Mortal Combat. Well, the times have changed now. Yesterday, we looked up to console gaming, the platform that initiated eSports. Today gamers are inspired with the capabilities of the mobile platform. One would be surprised to know that gaming tournaments are now held for mobile games too.

Currently, there are more than 2.1 billion people who play mobile games daily, making it the most popular gaming platform in the history of gaming. One of the many addictive games is Clash Royale, which recently hosted their ‘Crown Championship World Finals’. The 2017 world champion Sergio Ramos was titled the best player of the year and awarded a cash price of $150,000. For 2018, the cash price is a whopping 1 million USD.


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Just by looking at the cash price, one can understand how big mobile gaming has become in the recent years. The beauty of this is, most of the games which organize these competitions are free of cost on android, ios and windows. Companies like Pixonic and Supercell are making tons of money every day. Clash Royale, made by Supercell reached 1 billion in revenue in less than a year on the market.

As interesting as it sounds, there’s also a dark side to this. People are often drawn towards mobile games when they’re even least bored. One doesn’t realize the time that is wasted on the screen. Another huge monster is the in-app purchase. Why would someone wait for 2 days to upgrade their virtual home? Or wait a day so their character can re-energize to go hunting? One would rather go for an easier option which pays a few bucks and get back on track immediately. The purchases can sometimes be a hindrance, but they are often the only source of revenue for these free apps.The difference is when a player can’t succeed in a game without spending money. That’s when the balance has been tipped too far in the wrong direction.

There used to be a time when people wouldn’t make online transactions as they wouldn’t trust it. Today people make in-app purchases to make their game better. Therefore, the next few years could see a striking rise in mobile gaming, as well as streaming and broadcasting. Amazon has taken over ‘Twitch’ which is a streaming platform for games and eSports. Billions of people stream their gameplay strategies for people all over to watch it.


In fact, games that succeed in the future will probably not be the action/adventure types, as they aren’t fun to watch but are exciting for the players who play. Instead, games that will exploit the power of mass-market spectators will be the ones to take over. This generation isn’t afraid to make competitive gaming their career. All you need is some space on your device and a knack for it, who knows where the next millionaire could come from?

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